Qualified undergraduate hospitality majors who want to pursue a master’s degree in Hospitality Management may apply to participate in an accelerated program. The BS+MS program allows undergraduates to take 12 graduate level credits that will count toward both their BS and MS in Hospitality Management.

Qualifications for Admission to the BS+MS

  • Hospitality Management Major
  • Experience in Hospitality Industry (At least 1000 working hours)
  • Senior year status (completed at least 90 credits)
  • Overall GPA of 3.33; GPA of 3.50 in Hospitality Major
  • Unofficial transcript (degree audit is acceptable)
  • 2 letters of recommendations from faculty members
  • Successful interview with Hospitality faculty

Qualifications for Progressing from the BS to the MS

  • Students must obtain a minimum grade of “A” (4.00) in each graduate course that will also count toward the undergraduate degree.
    • HMG 6596, Marketing Leadership for Hospitality and Tourism
    • HMG 6507, Hospitality and Tourism Information Systems and Technology
    • HMG 6259, Lodging Management
    • HMG 6267, Restaurant and Foodservice Management
  • Upon satisfactory completion of all requirements for the undergraduate degree, students will be automatically admitted into the graduate program with 12 graduate credits already accomplished.
  • Students will require a permit from the Graduate Advisor to enroll for graduate credit.
  • Undergraduate students in the BS+MS program will pay the graduate per-credit rate for any graduate courses they take.

Application Process

  1. Students must apply to the accelerated BS+MS program when they have completed at least 90 credits in the Hospitality BS program.
  2. Students need to complete the Accelerated Program Application Form to be accepted into the program.  This form requires that students meet with undergraduate and graduate advisors to establish a plan of study, which includes the graduate courses that they will take.
  3. The completed form is then submitted to the College of Hospitality and Tourism Leadership along with the supporting documents.
  4. An interview is scheduled to meet with the Hospitality faculty.
  5. The College will make the decision on whether or not to admit the student into the accelerated program.