The minor in Information Technology (ITCM) is not available to Cyber Security & Information Technology majors (B.S.Cy.S.I.T. or B.S.A.S.Cy.S.I.T).

This minor will strengthen the non-IT student’s resume by increasing and differentiating the student’s effectiveness in the workplace.  It provides the framework for students to be more productive in keeping with their individual strengths, needs, and goals.


Students will need to complete at least  twelve (12) credit hours from the courses listed below with at least a C- in each course (ex. ISM 4212 requires a C).  Please be aware some courses may have prerequisites which will have to be completed outside of the twelve (12) credits required for the minor.

Course Number Title Credit Hours Requisites (KEY) Notes (KEY)
COP 2030 Programming Concepts I 3 None
GEB 3016 Business Enterprise Management 3 None Students may take GEB 3016 or GEB 2011, not both
CGS 4858 Web Design and Development (HTML5) 3 PR: COP 3718 with a minimum grade of C-
CIS 3360 Principles of Information Security 3 None
CIS 4510 IT Project Management 3 CI
ISM 4212 Database Design and Administration 3 PR:  ISM 3113 with a grade of “C” or better, not C-
COP 4663 Mobile Applications Development 3 PR: COP 2030, COP 2250, COP 3375