General Admissions Requirements

USFSM includes the minimum admissions requirements in the Undergraduate Catalog and the Florida Board of Governors’ website (6.002 Freshmen and 6.004 Transfer Students). Satisfaction of these requirements does not guarantee admission. USFSM gives preference to applicants whose credentials indicate the greatest promise of academic success and graduation. USFSM considers applicants for admission using the same criteria and minimum admission requirements in effect for the term of entry. No pre-admission consideration is given to an applicant with a disability (USF System Policy 0-108 Disability and Accommodations).

Applicants must submit a completed application for admission that is available on-line, a nonrefundable $30 application fee payable in U.S. dollars and, if English is not the applicant’s primary or native language, scores on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). USFSM waives the TOEFL or IELTS requirement if the applicant has an Associate in Arts (A.A.) degree/certificate from a Florida public college/university with completion of English composition 1 and 2, or meets the Board of Governors’ minimum SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing score or ACT scores in Reading and Writing.

Performance in course work at any of the USF System Institutions attempted as a non-degree-seeking student does not qualify an applicant for admission to USFSM’s undergraduate degree program except if completed as part of the approved Pathways programs offered through INTO USF or other approved program.

Prior to registration, each student accepted for admission must submit a signed medical history form, including documentation of appropriate immunizations as required by USF Policy 33-002. New undergraduates, including both freshmen and transfers, must complete the appropriate Orientation/Advising/Registration program before the first day of classes of their term of entry.

Freshman Admission Requirements

Admission is competitive and based on a variety of factors, including the strength of high school curriculum, record of academic achievement and ACT or SAT scores. USFSM also values special talents and abilities in and out of the classroom.

Applicants must also meet the State University System of Florida (SUS) minimum number of academic units of high school credit.

See website:

To receive priority fall admissions consideration and to be considered for merit-based scholarships from the Office of Admissions, students must submit an admissions application by January 2 and have a complete application with official supporting documents by January 15. For additional information about the awarding process and requirements, please visit the Admissions website.

General Transfer Requirements

The Florida Statutes and Florida Board of Governors’ Regulation 6.004 govern transfer admissions.

1. Transfer applicants must be in good standing, have a 2.00 grade-point average, and be eligible to re-enroll at the last regionally accredited institution attended as a degree-seeking student.

2. All transfer applicants must meet satisfactory academic progress criteria as determined by the U.S. Department of Education. USF System Institutions have specific transfer admission requirements which may include a completion of specific percentage of courses attempted. An excessive number of course withdrawals and/or failed and repeated courses could negatively affect admissibility as a transfer to USFSM.

3. Transfer applicants must submit official transcripts from all post-secondary colleges and schools where credit was attempted and/or earned.

4. USFSM Admissions computes grade-point averages based on grades earned in courses acceptable for transfer credit; incomplete grades compute as failures.

5. Transfer applicants must have completed two credits of one foreign language or American Sign Language in high school, or the equivalent of eight to ten semester hours in the undergraduate institution(s) attended or demonstrate equivalent foreign language competence as described in BOG Regulation 6.004. USFSM exempts transfers from this admissions requirement if they received an Associate in Arts degree prior to September 1, 1989, or if prior to August 1, 1989, they enrolled in program of study leading to an associate’s degree from a Florida public college or university and have maintained continuous enrollment until they are admitted to a university. A student establishes continuous enrollment by taking a course at least one term in each twelve-month period beginning with the student’s first enrollment in the Florida College System and continuing until the student enrolls in a SUS Institution.

Lower-level Transfer Requirements:

Fewer than 30 Transferable Semester Hours

USFSM accepts lower-level transfer applicants who have earned at least 12, but fewer than 60 semester hours of transferable college credit following graduation from high school.  Applicants with less than 12 transferable credit hours are considered as freshman in the application process and must meet FTIC admission criteria. Lower-level and mid-level transfer applicants must meet all requirements explained below under the Mid-Level Transfer Student and Upper-level Transfer Requirements section.

30 or More, but Fewer than 60 Transferable Semester Hours (Mid-Level Transfer Students)

Lower-level transfer students with 30 or more but less than 60 transferable semester hours (AKA Mid-level transfer students) who have successfully completed (C or higher) at least one transferable English composition course and one transferable college level mathematics course that consists of three (3) semester credit hours are not required to submit ACT/SAT scores. Mid-level transfer applicants are required to meet the state foreign language requirement (passing two years of the same foreign language) prior to admission to USFSM, and are required to submit an official high school transcript if the foreign language requirement was completed in high school. Mid-level transfer applicants who do not meet the above requirements must submit an official high school transcript showing a minimum 2.50 GPA on a 4.00 scale recalculated by USFSM.  In addition, they must submit official SAT or ACT scores and meet minimum criteria.  The minimum SAT scores are 500 in Evidence-based Reading and Writing and 500 in Mathematics.  The minimum SAT scores on the SAT taken prior to March 2016 is a 460 in Critical Reading and 460 in Mathematics.  The minimum ACT scores are 19 in Reading, 19 in Mathematics, and 18 in English.

Upper-level Transfer Requirements

USFSM grants admission to graduates of state approved Florida public college or universities who hold the A.A. degree/certificate. Florida Administrative Rule 6A-10.024 (Articulation Between and Among Universities, Community Colleges, and School Districts) governs the admission of A.A. degree/certificate degree transfers from Florida public colleges and universities. Undergraduate transfer students who have not earned the A.A. degree/certificate from a public community/junior college or state university in Florida or who have attended another college after receipt of the A.A. degree/certificate from a public community/junior college or state university in Florida must have an overall 2.00 grade-point average on a 4.00 scale in all college-level courses attempted and acceptable to transfer.

Associate in Arts degree holders who are not exempt from the foreign language requirement and all other upper-level transfer students admitted without meeting the foreign language admission requirement must satisfy the foreign language requirement prior to graduation.

Undergraduate transfer students who have not earned the A.A. degree from a Florida public institution or who have attended another college after receipt of the A.A. must minimally meet the requirements below to be considered for admission; however, satisfying these minimum requirements does not guarantee admission.

1. Be in good standing, have a 2.0 grade-point average, and eligible to return to the last regionally-accredited institution attended as a degree-seeking student or a non-regionally accredited institution participating in the State Course Numbering System (SCNS) with SCNS approved transferable credits;

2. Passed two years of the same foreign language in high school or 8 to 10 semester hours of the same foreign language at a previous college or university. Students who entered a Florida College System institution prior to August 1, 1989 and maintain continuous enrollment until the time of their USFSM entry as degree-seeking students may be admitted without the required foreign language study;

3. Meet the minimum grade-point average required by the program if entering a limited-access program and transferring 60 or more semester hours;

4. Applicants whose native language is not English must present a minimum score of  79 (Internet-based test) on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or 6.5 on the  IELTS.

Upper-level transfer applicants for admission to a limited-access major must meet program requirements prior to admission to the University. Please refer to the requirements listed in the College sections of the catalog.

USFSM also considers applicants who do not fully meet the minimum requirements as stated in #1 and #2 above but who have important attributes, special talents, or unique circumstances that may contribute to a representative and diverse student body.  A  committee considers these undergraduate transfer applicants for admission on the basis of other demonstrated evidence of promise for academic success.  These applicants should also submit appropriate alternative evidence of academic achievement, ability, motivation, and responsibility that indicates potential for academic success at USFSM.