USF System Regulations

The University of South Florida System regulations provide information, services, and tools for locating, commenting on, challenging, promoting, and evaluating all USF System regulations.  Regional campuses and separately accredited institutions may have unique characteristics.  Students, faculty, and staff must check with their individual campuses and apply system-wide regulations in conjunction and consistent with the specific characteristics and guidelines applicable to those campuses.  Regulations are required for matters subject to the Florida Board of Governors regulation development procedure.

USF System Policies

All policies in the USF System are promulgated through the process established in USF System Policy 0-001: Issuance of Policies.

The USF System is currently comprised of three institutions separately accredited by SACS (USF Tampa, USF Sarasota-Manatee, and USF St. Petersburg). Each of the separately accredited institutions may initiate policy consistent with USF System policies, established laws, regulations and governance requirements. Each policy issued in the USF System must follow the established format.

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