USF System Policy 10-504


The University of South Florida System (USF System) is committed to providing the necessary information to enable students to manage their academic progress. This Policy is one of many university initiatives directed at assisting students in effectively meeting their academic goals.


It is the student’s sole responsibility to be aware of their academic standing and grade status in all courses. In an attempt to assist the student in evaluating his academic status mid-term, the University requires Instructors to submit midterm grades electronically for each student enrolled in 1000, 2000 and 3000 level courses. Instructors may choose to not report mid-term grades for alternate calendar courses, study abroad, directed studies, internships and other courses that do not follow the normal course schedule for the academic term, although they are encouraged to do so if appropriate. This is a courtesy to the student and failure of an instructor to post the mid-term grades will not be grounds for a student academic grievance nor will it be justification for a retroactive drop as the student is presumed to be aware of current academic status.


The Midterm Grade Reports are submitted after Week 7 or, for summer courses, soon after the midpoint of the time period that the course is conducted. The purpose of the Midterm Grade Report is to provide students in 1000, 2000 and 3000 level courses with information on whether they are making sufficient progress toward meeting the course requirements. This information is available to students in OASIS as a progress report for all students in Lower Level and early Upper Level courses. This Early Warning System provides midterm grade information that assists students and their advisors in determining if academic progress is sufficient in the course at a time where the student may be permitted to drop the course (although beyond the drop/add period resulting in fee liability) and receive a “W” for the course. This is an academic action only and does not support any financial refund or adjustment and students will remain responsible for all applicable registration fees for the course(s). The academic action will permit a “W” grade to reflect on the student’s permanent academic record. Students who drop may not continue attending class. Drop deadlines for each semester and summer sessions are listed in the Academic Calendar and are published in the USF Schedule of Classes.