USF System Policy 10-505

Undergraduates must complete the Online Graduation Application and the Online Graduating Senior Survey by the official University deadline for the term in which they expect to graduate. Degree application deadlines are available in the Academic Calendar.

Students who have completed all the requirements for their degree will be required to graduate. Exceptions may be approved by college deans or their designees for up to two additional semesters but not to exceed 10 semesters total to complete a degree (eight semesters for the major and two additional semesters) to allow students to complete approved second majors or to complete clearly defined objectives to enhance qualifications for employment or graduate and professional programs. Exceptions may be made for part-time students. Unless undergraduate students receive approval from the Assistant Vice President for Student Success of an exception to the graduation request, USFSM may move the student through to graduation and confer the degree earned.

Students should be approved to pursue minors only if the minor can be completed without extending the time required for the students’ initially projected graduation date and without exceeding their Excess Credit Hour Surcharge (ECHS) threshold. Students in programs without available elective hours will not be approved for minors, unless an exception is approved by the College Dean or designee. Students are expected to demonstrate academic success (appropriate GPA for program, completion ratio, and success in prerequisites, core, or other related coursework for current major and requested minor) before they can be approved for a minor.  Students will apply for a minor in the last term of enrollment provided the student will have completed all of the remaining course requirements for the minor in that term.

Students may be approved to pursue dual degrees and second majors only if they are able to complete both programs within no more than two additional semesters but not to exceed 10 semesters total to complete a degree from the initially projected graduation date or within the ECHS threshold for dual majors or dual degrees. Second majors are awarded only in conjunction with the receipt of a baccalaureate degree. Students are expected to apply for a second major or degree only after demonstrating academic success (appropriate GPA for both major programs, completion ration, and success in prerequisites, core or other related coursework for current major and second major or degree). Students will typically be approved for a second major or dual degrees before exceeding 96 credit hours (not counting in the latter any credit from examination or dual enrollment). The students’ program of study is delineated on the application form and must be reviewed by both program advisors prior to submission for approval. Third majors will only be allowed in exceptional circumstances when the student can complete within the above criteria.

No degree will be conferred if a charge of academic dishonesty or student conduct violation is pending and the penalty could be dismissal, expulsion, failing grade or any combination of the above, until the charge is resolved and degree requirements are met.

As per USF System Regulation USF3.007 successful completion of at least 25% of the total credit hours required for the degree must be in courses offered by the USF System Institution conferring the degree.  Students are expected to graduate within the minimum number of semesters appropriate to their academic work completed at the time of their admission and the extent to which they are able to be enrolled full-time.