The Academic Regulations Committee (ARC) serves as a board of appeal for USFSM students who wish to secure waiver or modification of University-wide academic regulations. The ARC meets regularly and reviews petitions submitted by undergraduate and non-degree students. Undergraduate and non-degree students must petition and secure approval from the ARC to return to the University after having been academically dismissed or leaving on probation, to receive special consideration regarding an academic regulation, including late or retroactive drop of a course, late registration or late add of a course, deletion of a course, and/or withdrawal from a term.

The ARC will re-examine petition decisions on appeal when the student provides new and substantive information directly related to the petition or evidence that an error was made. A final ARC decision may be appealed through the College Dean or designee.

The University has implemented a statute of limitations on student petitions for retroactive adds, drops, withdrawals, and registration. A student will be limited to two (2) calendar years (six academic semesters/terms) for such appeals, whether the student is in attendance or not.

To petition the ARC, completed forms should be submitted to the office of Academic and Student Affairs, C107. A consultation with the Persistence advisor is required prior to a petition’s submission to the ARC. Students may contact their academic advisor for details regarding their submission. The appropriate forms may be obtained on the website or from the academic advising office.  Students will receive notification of the committee’s decision by email to their USF account.

ARC Bylaws